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Online Investing - All it takes is a Click of Your Mouse!

Online platform has revamped the process of investment and has helped investor's brokers and companies to transact in a scientific and systematic manner. If you wish to make online investments in mutual funds, you must open your account with asiabulls.Besides that you will be required to furnish a duly filled in application form to confirm your membership.

Is it Worth Investing Online?

Online investing is definitely worth provided you meet certain constraints. Before deciding to go for online trading you must ensure that it is suitable for you because online trading is purely a matter of personal choice and convenience. This can be understood from the fact there are there are some who find it convenient with the conventional manner of investment. It gives you facility to invest whenever you want and with some mouse clicks. Online mode gives you the opportunity to invest you in mutual fund using your net banking.

Asiabulls has made investing in Mutual funds and primary market so effortless. All you have to do is register with us and that's all. No paperwork no queues and No registration charges.

Our Partnership network

  • 25 Mutual fund companies - available online.
  • 29 Banks - To facilitate as payment gateway for your investments.
  • 16 Mutual fund companies - available online for existing folio holders.

Facilities we will provide:

  • Personalized Portfolio of all your investment you have done with us online. All your mutual fund investments are at one place.
  • The total facility is developed for servicing the client digitally without paper work, except compulsory documentation required once.
  • You can also see the entire Details Mutual fund wise, Scheme-wise; even you can see the Scheme portfolio and investment details and type of scheme.
  • Complete transparency, you can see their portfolio updated by software up to the last declared NAV by AMFI by logging in your account on website.
  • Unique User Id and password for your own account, which can be accessed from anywhere.
  • You can also see the demo process by clicking on this link http://asiabulls.in/demomain.php.


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